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relay 13.1 miles for two people

Need someone to run the first 13.1 miles...
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Looking for male runner: in good running shape, competitive spirit, and likes to have fun.

We like to meet at a Spaghetti restaurant the Friday evening before the race. Looking for male runner: in good...
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anyone want run a 2 man team

was looking for someone that would be interested in doing the 2 man relay...
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4th Leg (6:15 pace) runner has military duty and had to drop out this year. We’re looking for a “TRUE”...
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I need one male runner

I need one male runner to run that can run at 7:30 - 8 mile pace for fun I don't...
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Need a Female Runner for a non-competitive group of first-timers

Hi, What we lack in experience and speed, we more than make up for in enthusiasm and commitment! We have...
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Bluff Ratz Alumni "B2B4 Andre"

Hi everyone! We are looking for a very special person to fill the one gap left in our team. We...
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I looking for a team that pays the registration

I ran each mile at 7 seven minutes, It will my first time to run the marathon...
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Need a fast girl 14- 20

Need a fast girl age 14- 18 for a competitive team, pace 7:00/7:20, everything paid for including uniform, last year...
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Getting it ✅

I’m looking to join a team where age & pace is not a factor. I ran leg 4 last year...
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Relay Runner

I have done Beach to Bay 2 times, and interested in doing it again. I have done leg 2 and...
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Need one runne for relay - odds and ends team

6 person team needs to replace one runner due to a conflict. The team is in the odds and ends...
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Looking to be on competitive team

Wanting to get onto a competitive team if possible. Pace will be around 6 minutes give or take. Miss competing...
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Need a runner I can run 1 st leg only

I can run 1st leg and I am runner been for about 15 years now...
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28 yr old Male. 6:30 to 7:00 pace looking for a team

Looking for a more competitive group. Willing to run with the group if schedule permits....
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Onyx Fitness Looking for Runners(Male, Female, Kids)

Team Onyx Fitness and Personal training is looking for runners I am building three different teams one of these for...
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POSTED WRONG PHONE NUMBER 34yr old M, 7:45-8 pace

I posted the wrong phone number on my last ad....
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If anyone is looking for a runner I'm available. I'm a 34yr old m, and my pace is a 7:45-8

I have never ran this race before and would love to do it this year. Please contact me ASAP so...
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Looking for 6th leg male runner

We had 1 guy drop out last minute! We're looking for a 6th leg runner under 7min pace as the...
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Runner Found

Thankfully we found a runner....
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Female runner needed

Need a female runner for our Elite Mix Team. Female in 7:00min mile shape or 21-22min 5K...
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Need runner asap

Fees paid.need a 2nd leg runner! 3616874562. Let's run!!!...
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Need a female runner!! Time/Pace not a factor

We had a runner drop out last minute and need someone to replace her. You will be running leg 3....
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Need a runner

Need runner for 5th or 6th leg male or female are team is a 10 min per mile team...
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Looking for a JR. girls (14-20) or Middle School Runner. 21 min 5K or faster

I need a middle school runner (boy or girl) or a Junior Girls runner (14-20) someone that can run a...
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Need lady runner ASAP!! ((Work schedules suck)) lol

Need a lady runner for leg 2!!! Fees paid!! Text or call me!!! 3616874562....
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Fees paid no worries on time need runner for leg 6...
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Need 2 male runners

In need of 2 male runners. Prefer runners who can run 7-8 minute miles. Age not a factor. This team...
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looking for serious runner

Looking for a fast and serious runner to join the team. Last time our team competed was 2015 and we...
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Looking for 2 runners: guys or girls, or both! Easy team.. have had 2 runners drop out last minute

We have a team of 4 runners (2 guys, 2 girls - age 31-37) easy runners, not a fast pace...
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Last Minute Team - Looking for Female/ Male Runners

Needing additional runners, if interested, let us know...
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Need A Lady Runner

I need a lady runner to join our team who can run leg 2 or 3. Just contact me through...
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Looking for runners to join our Onyx Fitness Team

Looking for runners who would love to join our Onyx Fitness Team....
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Need 2 runners, time/pace not a factor.

Just lost 2 runners for 5th and 6th leg. Time/pace is not a factor. Age and gender not a factor,...
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Look for one more male runner

I need one more male runner. We are competitive team. We all run 7 minute mile pace....
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Looking for Female Runner Leg 5

Need female runner to complete mixed team. Leg 5. Our range is 8:45-10:00 min miler. We're all set to go....
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Looking for 2 runner

Hi! Whoever can be interested to run for Silo Silver team please contact me. We love run, we have passion....
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Need One lady and One guy

Need one Lady and One guy to join with our team 3 lady/ 3 Guys team relay....
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2 women looking for a team

We are 2 women looking for a team to run with. Please contact us and let us know if you...
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Two runners needed… Speed is not a concern.

We are from San Antonio and will be heading to the beach on the 19th. We will be renting a...
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Older age team

Looking for a team that is wanting to run the Beach to Bay but not necessarily have to win first...
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Two runners needed

We have a mixed team, but are in need of two more runners. More than likely, the 1st and 4th...
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Need a lady runner!

Hi! Our all ladies team needs ONE more runner for Leg 2 or 3. We are mixed ages from 27-40....
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Looking for Master Women

Looking for a master women to run on our team that can run a 8:30 pace or better. All fees...
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