Looking for a runner(s)? Looking for a team? Post or reply to connect.


I am looking for a non-competitive team to join. I am 54 year old women.

B2B has been on my bucket-list for a long time. I am interested in running on a non-competitive team. I...
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Looking for a team

Am a descent runner average pace between 7 and 8 been running beach to bay since junior high school. Just...
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Looking for 3 more Women to join our Awesome Team!

We are 3 female runners in San Antonio looking for 3 more female runners to join our team! None of...
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i'm looking for a team!

I'm looking for a team who needs a runner! I'm a 54 years old female. I have run the B2B...
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Need a

I'd love to experience Beach to Bay 2019! Just need a team. Currently I'm running 10min/1mile, so let me know...
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Looking for 1st leg spot to fill

Im looking for a non-competitive team to run with. Im interested in running the first leg of the race....
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need runner for 2 man relay

need a runner to run 2 man relay man or woman, i might have a company to sponser us who...
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Looking for a team to join

25 yr old male, I currently run about 7-8 miles on my longer runs. I average about 30-31 minutes in...
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4th Leg Runner

Looking to run leg 4 of Beach to Bay - if your team needs a person please let me know...
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3rd leg runner

looking for a non-competitive team, I've been doing Beach 2 Bay for about 20 years. I would like to run...
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Looking for runner 5th leg

Looking for one more runner for the 5th leg on the onyx fitness team....
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Looking for a team

Looking to going a team I'm 34 years old Male..I have done some races and looking for the opportunity to...
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Looking for a team

Hi I'm 34 year old Male and looking for the opportunity to run for a team i have done some...
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Looking for 2 runners to fill the team this is our first beach to bay not speed demons.

Just want to get one under our belt and try to be competitive next year...
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Ultra Masters

Male, 66 yrs young, have run 12 times before. Hope to run about 10 min miles, I like the beach...
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Looking for competitive team to join.

Looking to get on a competitive team. Mile pace will be around 6 to 630. Maybe faster depending on how...
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24 year old male

I am a 24 year old male who’s looking for a competitive/non-competitive team to participate in Beach to Bay with....
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Looking for a runner to run the two man relay

I want to run the two man relay I am looking for a partner to run....
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Looking for 3 runners to complete a team.

We are a family that moved from Corpus Christi last year. We have run B2B for the last 4 years...
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Looking for a Team that needs a Leg 1 runner

Hi! My name is Jenna and I’m 30yrs old. I’ve been doing 5ks off an on for about 4 years...
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36 yr old single mom looking for a non competitive team to train with.

Ran a 5k before but have not ran in over a year. Began walking/sprinting this year and would like a...
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