Are single runners allowed to run all six legs?
Yes! For the first time we’re opening up the race to those who want to run all six legs!
Will you accept copies of a race application?
Of course. You can also download a copy of the race application on this web site or please register online.
Can I run with a baby stroller?
No, sorry but baby strollers are strictly forbidden to ensure the safety of other runners.
Can I run with a pet, even if it's on a leash?
Sorry, but animals are not allowed on the race course for the safety of our runners.
Are MP3 players allowed?
Yes, but be careful and mindful of other runners and your surroundings at all times.
Oh no, I lost a runner and I need to make a change. How does that work?
Not a problem. Please visit the Information and Change Table on Packet Pickup Day
Is there a drop off location for registration?
No, please register online at or send in your registration early to Beach to Bay Relay Marathon P.O. Box 8750 Corpus Christi, Texas 78468
Where do I find course maps?
Maps will be included in your packets and can also be on the website here.
Do I send a check or money order? When does the late fee begin?
See our Registration Information. Anyone entering with a printed application after the first deadline of April 7, 2020 must include the late fee of $80.00. Remember post the deadline we will only accept business check, money orders or cashiers’ checks
What time does the race Start?
Promptly at 7:00 am

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