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Find my hubby

Looking for runner # 2569...
Total views: 42

Need 6th leg runner

Had sixth leg drop out, need last minute replacement. Please...
Total views: 49

Last Minute Runner

Need a last minute stand-in? Since I am running in...
Total views: 42

48m veteran on island for team

1, 2, or 3 are easiest from the island. Still...
Total views: 22

Leg 2 Female runner

Please text me if looking for leg 2 female runner...
Total views: 27

Looking for a team. Any leg.

32yo male. Looking for a team. 10 minute mile pace....
Total views: 28

Looking to run any leg

Anybody need a runner for tomorrow? Call me or text...
Total views: 35

Need runner for Leg 4

Please text if you are interested in running leg 4....
Total views: 34

48m on island for leg 1 or 2

I live on the island, so 1st or 2nd leg...
Total views: 22

Looking for fourth leg runner

Hi there! We are looking for a last minute fourth...
Total views: 34

Looking for a team

36 yr old male…I run a 9 min mile looking...
Total views: 34

Still need 27 yr old female

Still in need of a team! I have ran the...
Total views: 35

45 yo female looking for Team

Looking for a team. I can do 3rd, 4th or...
Total views: 23

63 yr old looking for a team

63 yr old looking for a team to run with....
Total views: 27

I’m looking for a team

I know it’s too late but I’m looking for a...
Total views: 42

Need partner! 2 person relay

I’m a 17 high school stupid who’s very active and...
Total views: 46

I need a Leg 2 Runner

I need a Leg 2 Runner. Call or text. (210)...
Total views: 51

Looking for as team

I’m looking for a team to run 1 or 2...
Total views: 29

NEED Help collecting my packet

I’m a 16 year old looking to run my first...
Total views: 49

5th leg

Looking for someone to run the 5th leg....
Total views: 59

Need a male runner 50 or older

Need a male runner for a senior master's men team...
Total views: 33

Looking for Leg 4 Runner

Hi! We had a last minute drop off from our...
Total views: 56

33 Male looking for team

Looking for a team any leg avid runner 6:30-7:00 min...
Total views: 42

16 YO female looking for team

I’ve been running for about a year, training on my...
Total views: 43

Looking for one runner - leg 2

We had family plans come up and have 1 spot...
Total views: 73

Find a team

I’m looking for a team, I can run 1,2 or...
Total views: 67

27 yr old female runner

NEED TEAM STILL I have ran 15 years. I have...
Total views: 74

Hi I’m looking for a team

Hi I’m looking for a team. I can run 1,2...
Total views: 50

Looking for a team

I Run beach to bay every year, 2 yrs ago...
Total views: 70

Runner looking for a team

Hi I’m a 31 y.o. Female jogger that just enjoys...
Total views: 49

Looking for adult male runner

Looking for adult male runner to join our team. Currently...
Total views: 96

Junior division girl needed

Competitive team looking for a junior division girl, 3rd leg,...
Total views: 33

Looking for 2 teams, 1st leg

Hi, looking for 2 teams that will have 1st leg...
Total views: 65

Runner looking for a team

Looking for a team who is doing the race for...
Total views: 122

ISO Senior Master Female Runne

Looking for a Senior Master Female to complete our Senior...
Total views: 54

Looking for a team

In town for the weekend. 35 y/o 6:00-6:15 pace....
Total views: 76
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