Updated on Sunday, 2-17-2019
As Database Coordinator, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for entering the 44th Annual Running of the Beach to Bay 2-person Relay Marathon.
This data is sorted by the Team Captains Last Name. You will find your BIB number to the left but please understand that everyone must check in at Packet Pickup. See you at the Ortiz Center

BIB Number Please indicate your team’s division: Team Name First Name Last Name
3001 Women’s Open CCPD’s Finest Amber Buckelew
3006 Women’s Open PHARMERS 1 Lauren Eichinger
3010 1-Man 1-Woman Masters joe-anne Joe Garbutt
3015 Women’s Open The GGs Genesis Garza
3003 1-Man 1-Woman AK47 Andrew Gonzalez
3009 1-Man 1-Woman Senior Masters JONIFER Gennifer Jeffries
3013 Women’s Open Blistered Sisters Britnee Jenkins
3007 Men’s Open Dyin But Tryin Joel Jimenez
3012 Women’s Open GOOD Kayla Kilmartin
3002 1-Man 1-Woman Running Seahawks Patty Labay
3004 Men’s Open Team TCA Ricardo Leal
3008 1-Man 1-Woman Masters No Mercy Michele Maasberg
3011 Women’s Open The BMs Boston Mommies Traci Pogue
3016 1-Man 1-Woman 1st2gether Rodrigo Rangel
3014 1-Man 1-Woman The Dynamic Duo Jessica Sandoval
3005 1-Man 1-Woman Team Beef Peggy Smith
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