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Women’s Open Fun-d-mentals Karolyn Abbott
Odds & Ends Rayado Runner Mia Acosta
3 Men – 3 Women Chappell Champs Kathy Acuna
Odds & Ends Not As Fast As Jeff Gordon Della Adame
Odds & Ends Sensational Six Erik Adame
3 Men – 3 Women SWATT Laura Adamek
Women’s Open Charlie’s Place Crystal Aguilar
Odds & Ends Pardon Our Patriot Dust Christina Aguilar
Odds & Ends 4 Chicks & 2 Pricks Crystal Aguilar
Odds & Ends We’ve got the runs! Daniel Aguilar
Odds & Ends Neuro Nurses MICHELLE ALANIZ
Odds & Ends Undertrained & Overconfident Jimmie Alaniz
Odds & Ends Where is BOB? Sonia Alaniz
Women’s Open Not Fast Just Furious Jo Ann Alaniz
Odds & Ends Worst pace scenario Mandy Alaniz
Odds & Ends Witness the Fitness Joshua Aldrighetti
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Brew-Tang Clan Luis Alfaro
Odds & Ends Team RamRod George Allen
Commercial I.C.A. Broadcasting Bart Allison
Odds & Ends Valero Running on E Aimee Almaraz
Odds & Ends ALLL Faith Fitness 24 Luis Alvarez
3 Men – 3 Women Team Wrecking Ball Natalie Alvarez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Not Fast but Furious Rene Alvarez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire The Sandbaggers LUIS ALVARO
Odds & Ends Running Resistors Joe Alvirde
3 Men – 3 Women Team Amoles Cynthia Amoles
Odds & Ends Dashing Divas plus one Dolly Anaya
Elementary Boys Barnes Stars Boys Cameron Andruzzi
Odds & Ends Heart and Sole Caydenn Angeles
Odds & Ends Will Run 4 BEER debra anno
Odds & Ends GoGetEm Anthony Anzaldua
Elementary Boys Dawson Patriots Boys Red Team Tristan Aregood
Odds & Ends Carlos’ Angels Elena Arizmendez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire CarbLoaders TJ Arnold
Odds & Ends Runbabes Reyna Arriaga
Odds & Ends Oh ‘ Van where art thou Jason Ascencio
3 Men – 3 Women Team CoRUNa con Lima Brad Atkison
3 Men – 3 Women Lifetime Beach Crew Lisa Autry
Men’s Open Band of Brothers Paul Avila
Odds & Ends Flying Slow Pokes I Hector Avila
Odds & Ends Flying Slow Pokes II Cynthia Avila
Women’s Open WTF – Where’s The Fiinish Yvonne Avila
3 Men – 3 Women Parkdale TexasState Optical Adreina Aviles
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Waterdawgs Andrea Ayala
Odds & Ends Bollywood Stars Pooja Ayar
Odds & Ends Sea Gulls and Buoys 2 Clara Babb
Women’s Open Making Waves Liana Badillo
Odds & Ends Mad Dogs Daniel Baggerman
Women’s Open Running from our EX’s! Katrina Baker
Odds & Ends Gela’s Angels #4 Rodney Baltierras
Odds & Ends Running Burros Jose Banales
Odds & Ends Running with Sole Tina Banse
Odds & Ends Not Fast but Furious Idilio Barajas
Commercial ChemOldies Bob Barger
Odds & Ends A guy 5 girls and a pizza race Amanda Barmore
Odds & Ends Kegz N’ Legz Kate Batchelor
Commercial Got Hose James Batey
Women’s Open We RunThis Beach Melissa Bayardo
Odds & Ends Blazin Bazans Horacio Bazan Jr
Odds & Ends The Young and Breathless Raelynn Beaty
Odds & Ends I thought you said RUM Tamara Bednorz
Odds & Ends Where’s the BEER?! Angelina Beitzel
3 Men – 3 Women We Run for Tennis Todd Bellino
Women’s Open The Young & The Breathless Corinne Beltran
3 Men – 3 Women Quads of Fury Maria Benavente
3 Men – 3 Women Run? I thought you said RUM Julie Benavides
Odds & Ends Valero Chico Y Las Chicas Patsy Benchoff
Odds & Ends World’s Okayest Runners Christi Berger
3 Men – 3 Women Black Shirts of the Family Cristina Berrios
Women’s Open We Thought They Said Rum Samantha Bezdek
3 Men – 3 Women run bhakta bindi bhagat
Elementary Odds & Ends Luther Jones Team 3 Marcus Bien-Aime
Women’s Open Valero Sloth Sisters Nicole Biggerstaff
Odds & Ends Oak Park Tigers Rachel Bikle
Women’s Open Easier Said Than Run Taylor Billings
3 Men – 3 Women Shiner Stuff Amy Bishop
Odds & Ends Rebel Time Karol Blake
Ultra Masters Women Hanging In There Kathy Blake
Odds & Ends Gela’s Angels #3 Alicia Blancarte-Rios
Odds & Ends Team Real Estate Jeffrey Blanchard
Odds & Ends Shiner Blondes Julie Boehm
Odds & Ends CCRV Making RV’s Affordable & Fun Jerry Boehm
Middle School Odds & Ends Just better Svetlana Bondarenko
Master’s Men Fleet Feet Masters Will Bonneau
Men’s Open VT-35 Stingrays Caleb Booher
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women FWRC ROAD DAWGS Don Borger
Commercial night walkers joelle boudouris
Odds & Ends All Over the Place Molly Boyer
Women’s Open Atown Babes Isabel Braune
Odds & Ends Baker Teachers Laura Brennan
Odds & Ends Team: Stephanie Brevig Stephanie Brevig
Odds & Ends Brewcrew Heather Brewer
Commercial McCarthy Beachwarmers Sarah Brown
Women’s Open SWATT Megan Brown
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Te Lo Sico Bronia Brown
Women’s Open Mad Dashers Lea Brown
Odds & Ends C&J Energy Services Leanda Bruner
Odds & Ends DAK Sarah Brunkenhoefer
Odds & Ends Nevad Home Investments LLC Michael Budd
Odds & Ends 10 Boobs and 4 Dudes Adrian Bueno
Commercial Franchise Electric Andres Buentello
Odds & Ends Let’s Do This! Mary Burke
Odds & Ends Team JM David Bushman
Commercial Screaming Eagles Jim Butcher
Odds & Ends You Only Run Once Dinald Butler
3 Men – 3 Women S.W.A.T.T. Sprinters Walkers and Trash Talkers Jennifer Butler
3 Men – 3 Women Red Team 2018 Patrick Byers
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Dept. of Homeland Security Hector Cadena
Commercial Brookdale Trinity Towers Janice Cagle
Odds & Ends The Medio Effect William Calame
3 Men – 3 Women Third Party Rejects Blake Callaway
Commercial BBOT Romeo Canales
Odds & Ends Los Despacitos Maira Canchola
3 Men – 3 Women Private Eyes Karen Cancino
Odds & Ends Dream Chafers Ernestine Cano
Commercial GP Gallopers Noreen Cantrell
Military/Law/Fire Team: SAFO Vincent Cantu
Women’s Open ?Dashing Divas MONICA CANTU
Odds & Ends Beer Runners Priscilla Cantu
Commercial 212 Jason Cantu
Commercial UniqueHR Madlyn Cantu
Odds & Ends Scambled Legs ‘N’ Achin Jenny Cantu
Odds & Ends The Underachievers Jonathan Cantu
3 Men – 3 Women #Run361 Martin Cantu Jr.
3 Men – 3 Women You Cantwell Sleep Without a Cantwell Mattress Curtis Cantwell
Odds & Ends PD – Finance Milla Carbajal
Commercial Industrial Fabricators Cody Cargile
Men’s Open Rio Grande City Wolfpack 1 Benny Carmona Jr
3 Men – 3 Women TNT(Phase II) Sherry Carpenter
Elementary Girls Dawson Patriots Girls Red Team Victoria Carr
Elementary Boys Dawson Patriots Boys Blue Team Reyden Carr
Elementary Boys Dawson Patriots Boys White Team Stephen Carr
Odds & Ends Team Bel Isabella Carrasco
Odds & Ends South Texas Wild Hog Runners Mitchell Carroll
Odds & Ends We Run Dis Beach Erica Casarez
Commercial One Step Closer to the Cooler Gabriel Casarez
Elementary Odds & Ends Woodlawn Jaguars (Blue) Karlene Cascio
Odds & Ends Palacios & Casso Team 2 Chris Casso
Women’s Open Warm up crew (by Healthy Living Fitness Club) Leticia Castaneda
Women’s Open Not Fast Just Furious Flora Castaneda
Men’s Open Here Hold My Beer Mario Castaneda
Men’s Open Detroit Titans Amancio Castilleja
Master’s Men Rat Pak Ramiro Castillo
Women’s Open Not Fast Just Furious Lynn Castillo
Commercial PEUA Oscar Castillo
Odds & Ends Kane Beef Heidy Castillo
Women’s Open Sweet Sole Sisters Claudia Castro
Odds & Ends Team: FaBlous Sylvia Castro
Odds & Ends Team Blazer Roxanne Castro
Men’s Open New Life wolfpack Jessie Castro
Odds & Ends Mighty Falcons Shaly Cavazos
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Edinburg SWAT Michael Cerda
Odds & Ends BAXTERS BUDDIES Rebecca Chairez
Odds & Ends Taco Riendo Suzanne Chambless
3 Men – 3 Women The RUN-knowns Stephanie Chapa
Odds & Ends RUN BEACHES RUN Melissa Chapa
Commercial Bella Services Francisco Chavarria
Men’s Open Tacorriendo Jorge Chavez
Odds & Ends Not fast.. just furious Allison Chavez
Commercial CC18 No Store Runs More too Paul Chavez
Odds & Ends Running Cunninglinguists melanie chipman
Women’s Open Matreshki Anastasia Chislenko
Commercial Abdominal Specialists of South Texas Belinda Chism
Master’s Women Bay Watch Babes Lori Clayton
Odds & Ends Ladies First Susan Clayton
Odds & Ends Team Workforce Heather Cleverley
Odds & Ends Another Drunk Idea Gone Wrong Erica Cochrum
3 Men – 3 Women Lowe’s- Not Fast-just furious Norma Colin
Odds & Ends Gulf Coast Humane Society 2 Melissa Collins
Odds & Ends Gym Waves Andrew Collins
Odds & Ends Hot Mommas Pilar Comernero
Odds & Ends Black Team 2018 John Como
Odds & Ends Valero Conde Canes George Conde
Junior Men Calhoun Zachary Conde
Commercial Team: Joe Contreras Joe Contreras
Odds & Ends Los Cocineros Steve Cook
3 Men – 3 Women Fast Run Times at Ridgemount High Brett Cook
Women’s Open Super Stats Vanessa Coonrod
Odds & Ends Team Neuro Krista Coons
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Recon and Sniper Foundation Jaren Cooper
Women’s Open Running on Caffeine and a Prayer Debra Cooper
Women’s Open RNers Violet Copado
Odds & Ends Procastinators Cynthia Copeland
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Per My Last Email Ashley Coppock
Master’s Women Between a Walk and a Hard Pace Susan Cornett
Women’s Open DRG SISTERS Blanca Corona
Odds & Ends Sewer Rats Maria Corona
Odds & Ends Lalo’s Team 1 Miguel Coronado
Odds & Ends Lalo’s Team 2 Manuel Coronado
Odds & Ends The Last Minute Squad Rebbecca Corpus
Odds & Ends The Young & The Breathless Rick Cortes
Women’s Open Latinas In Motion Sofia Cortez
Commercial FHR Mike Cortez
Odds & Ends Fearless II Yvonne Cortinas
3 Men – 3 Women Cortinas Crew Irene Cortinas Hinojosa
3 Men – 3 Women Corridos Tanya Covarrubias
Odds & Ends Run Fast Drink Faster Jose Covarrubias
Commercial Team: Jenny Craig Kayla Craig
Odds & Ends Cool Runnings Kaeleigh Crandall
Odds & Ends LED Sleppin John Crockett
Odds & Ends Team Z Maniacs (YELLOW) Melissa Cruz
Odds & Ends Team Z Maniacs (BLUE) Jared Cruz
Commercial Just Us League Rudy Curiel
Odds & Ends Valero Dripping in Finesse Angela Curiel
3 Men – 3 Women #BigFinish Joey Curtin
Odds & Ends 4 Aggies a Hog and a Longhorn Celestino Damian
Odds & Ends Running Rebels Nicolas D’Andrea
Commercial Chemours Newbies Andre Dantlzer
Odds & Ends Not Fast Just Furious Rikki Dautel
Odds & Ends Run for the Hills! Valerie Davila
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Fal. Brush dogs William Davis
Women’s Open Bluff Babes Keely Davis
Odds & Ends Family Tides Shauna Day
Odds & Ends Therapy First Dana Day
Commercial Celanese Utilities: Furious not Fast Lauren De La Rosa
Women’s Open Pavement Princesses Karla De Leon
Women’s Open Whiskey Bent & Hellbound Sylvia De Leon
3 Men – 3 Women In Your Face Beach! Donny De Los Santos
3 Men – 3 Women Santos Mcbain Ray De Los Santos
3 Men – 3 Women Beached Whales Veronica De Luna
Odds & Ends Just Chasing an Ice Cream Truck EUGEN DEHELEAN
3 Men – 3 Women BUMPERBUMPERBUMPER Robert Dehnert
Odds & Ends The Last Minute Squad Otilia Del Bosque
Women’s Open Girls Just Wanna Have Run VENESA DELGADO
Senior Masters Women Bitch to Bay Complaining all the way Carol DeLine
Odds & Ends Muscles & Mascara Jennifer Deras
Master’s Women Just for the Run of It Jessica Diaz
3 Men – 3 Women Esbaugh Lab! Angelina Dichiera
Women’s Open CCFMC Walkers Brandi Dienda
Odds & Ends The Fun Bunch Connie Dieringer
3 Men – 3 Women Salty Slackers Yvette Dodge
Women’s Open Border Babes Larissa Dominguez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire make running great again juan Dominguez
3 Men – 3 Women Once upon a Run… Teresa Dougherty
Odds & Ends Team Not Today Satan Shaun Driscoll
Elementary Female Flaming Taquitos Jenny Dugan
Senior Masters Women Run For Your Life Team 2 Kim Dugas
Odds & Ends WingNuts CHRIS DUKE
Odds & Ends Cant Stop Running Why? Misty Duncan
Women’s Open Lighting Snails Bridget Durham
Senior Masters Women Fleet Feet Femme Fatales audrey eden
Commercial We Are Wood Lori Edwards
Men’s Open litewieghts eddie elizondo
Odds & Ends Elizondo John Michael Elizondo
Odds & Ends The Finishers Belen Elizondo
Master’s Men Slow But Good Sam Elizondo
Commercial HUMANA GO365 TEAM 1 Patti Elliott-Harmon
Women’s Open Moms Run this Town further Emily Elward
Odds & Ends Team Summer Break Stacy Elwood
Odds & Ends clam jam 2018 Ben Engelhardt
Commercial Chemours A Team Eric Enriquez
3 Men – 3 Women Snaills of Thunder Armando Enriquez
Odds & Ends The Smeagol’s Mary Enriquez
Elementary Girls Barnes Stars Girls Olivia Escalante
Odds & Ends Beach to Beer Alicia Escobar
Odds & Ends my mouth runs faster than I do Darcy Esparza
Women’s Open A-Town Pacemakers Alexis Estrada
Odds & Ends Gela’s Angels Team #2 Michelle Estrada
Odds & Ends Team 413 Lorie Ewing
3 Men – 3 Women Fun Seekers Greg Excovedo
Men’s Open Chug a Lug Matt Ezell
3 Men – 3 Women 6 the hard way Hector Feliciano
Odds & Ends Family Ties Karen Fergason
Men’s Open Ficenec Boys Matt Ficenec
Odds & Ends Cucarachas Ajia Fielden
Women’s Open Win Or Lose We Still Booze JANIE FIGIROVA
Odds & Ends The Not So Fast and Furious Brenda Figueroa
Odds & Ends Veterans & Vikings – Team V-Squared Daniel Fischer
3 Men – 3 Women Code Eugene 2.0 Geraldine Fleurie
3 Men – 3 Women Shady Beaches Daniel Flink
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Wolf Pack Running Alex Flores
Middle School Female Odem Owlets Belicia Flores
Commercial Mi Casa Jaime Flores
Odds & Ends Beer Runners priscilla flores
Commercial Hot Z-95 Gino Flores
Odds & Ends Runs in the Family -B Eddie Jr Flores
Odds & Ends Runs in the Family – C Amanda Flores
Odds & Ends Homer’s Heroes Homer Flores
Women’s Open Wolf-Pack Running Cirna Flores
Odds & Ends Who Knows Jeremy Fojtik
Men’s Open Garden Ridge 1 Scott Ford
Odds & Ends Garden Ridge 3 Teresa Ford
Women’s Open Beach Babes on the Run Natasha Fowler
Women’s Open Coast Busters Loryn Fowlkes
Men’s Open T-Bone and the Beach Balls Thomas Fraser
Odds & Ends Team Friday Swint Friday
Men’s Open Alamo Boyz Christian Fuentes
Odds & Ends Faith Warriors Prisilla Fullen
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Baby Got Bait JEROME FUNTANILLA
Women’s Open Healthy Living Fitness Club Connie Galan
Men’s Open Healthy Living Fitness Club Armando Galan
Odds & Ends HEB Ingleside Jessica Galindo
Odds & Ends Beaches & Beer Raymond Gallego
Odds & Ends Heart and Sole CHRISTOPHER GALLEGOS
Women’s Open The MCs Cariann Galloway
3 Men – 3 Women Brak-Pak – Garcia John Garcia
Commercial Javelina Strong Adrian Garcia
Women’s Open Guilty Pleasure Sandra Garcia
Women’s Open The stimulators Jessica Garcia
Elementary Odds & Ends Mireles Mariners Zakor Garcia
3 Men – 3 Women The A+ Team (because we teach) Sandra Garcia
Odds & Ends Bath Engineering Chris Garcia
Odds & Ends The Young and The Rest of Us Carlos Garcia
Men’s Open The I Think I Cans Michael Garcia
Men’s Open YYZ Rene Garcia
Women’s Open TSTW- Texas State Trooper Wives Priscilla Ann Garcia
Women’s Open ATOWN: How I Met These Runners Cristina Garcia
Odds & Ends Smokey & The Bandits Sonya Garcia
Odds & Ends 5 Beauties And The Beast Graciela Garcia
Odds & Ends Run This Town Bianca Garcia
Elementary Odds & Ends Petty Running Club Trae Garcia
Commercial Wal-Mart 464 Teodora Garcia
Odds & Ends The Last Minute Squad Virginia Garcia
3 Men – 3 Women Team Deez David Garza
Odds & Ends LEOs & Scrubs Running Buds Cristina Garza
3 Men – 3 Women Beaches and Baes Joshua Garza
Odds & Ends Fire & Ice Roland Garza
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Suns Out Guns Out Calistro Garza
3 Men – 3 Women ATOWN BUGPROS Rondo Garza
Odds & Ends Running on Empty Veronica Garza
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Comstock Border Patrol Rick Garza
Odds & Ends Educated drug dealers Juan Garza
Men’s Open The Slim Reapers Christopher Garza
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Desk Sailors Raul Garzoria
3 Men – 3 Women Bird Jordan Gaza
Odds & Ends NYATI Services Inc. Miranda Geissel
Women’s Open Moms Run this Town together Ashley Gibson
Commercial Team: Lauren Gilbert Lauren Gilbert
Master’s Men Navarro’s Finest Michael Glendenning
Women’s Open Golden but Goodie Girls Melanie Gomez
Odds & Ends Wolverines Daniel Gomez
Odds & Ends Sand Beavers Jessica Gonyea
Odds & Ends R.I.O.T. (Running is our Therapy) Jessica Gonzales
Commercial Fire Dawgs Johnny Gonzales
Odds & Ends Pete’s Platoon April Gonzales
Commercial Two Steps Ahead of You Crystal Gonzales
Odds & Ends Runs in the Family -A Cindy Gonzales
Odds & Ends The Krew Karisa Gonzales
Master’s Men Six Shades of Grey Bernie Gonzales
Odds & Ends Herd of Turtles Benjamin Gonzalez
Women’s Open Beach Bum Babes Lisa Gonzalez
Commercial HEB 462 Isaac Gonzalez
Men’s Open The H-Town Boys Robert Gonzalez
3 Men – 3 Women How about them legs Pioquinto Gonzalez
Odds & Ends Valero Fat Cats Daniel Gonzalez
Odds & Ends 4 Beauties 2 Beast Michelle Gonzalez
3 Men – 3 Women AEP High Voltage Erika Gonzalez
Odds & Ends Xvecss Xavier Gonzalez
3 Men – 3 Women Where’s the Beer? Nancy Gonzalez
Odds & Ends Faster than Turtles Monica Gonzalez
Odds & Ends Runnovation Asella Gonzalez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Los Sargentos Jolynn Gonzalez
Men’s Open Garden Ridge 2 Nicholas Gordon
Women’s Open Super bees Veronika Grebennikova
Elementary Odds & Ends Little bees Kira Grebennikova
Odds & Ends Chancaloos Andi Green
Odds & Ends We Got The Runs Christian Gross
Odds & Ends Grover’s Goal Crushers Monique Grover
Odds & Ends Heart & Sole Renee Guajardo
Women’s Open Because Uber Was Busy Amanda Guerra
Odds & Ends Team Express Benjamin Guerrero
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire DirtyBirds Paul Guerrero
Elementary Odds & Ends Champions Mixed Mark Guerrero
Elementary Boys Lightening Starfish Chase Guevera
Odds & Ends Vamonos Hermanos Stafford Gunning
Odds & Ends G-Force Juan Gusman
3 Men – 3 Women bench warmers crystal gutierrez
Men’s Open Team Energy Rolando gutierrez
Odds & Ends Team Queen Elizabeth Micheal Gutierrez
Odds & Ends Buns of Glory Daniel Gutierrez
3 Men – 3 Women #EllaStrong Valerie Gutierrez
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Back Off Beaches VIII Bertha Gutierrez
Odds & Ends C&J Energy Services Armando Guzman
3 Men – 3 Women Black Out Rudy Guzman
Odds & Ends #sharkfitstrong Erica Haigood
Odds & Ends Fit 2 Run Terri Hall
Men’s Open Run For Your Life Team 3 Brian Hand
Senior Masters Women 1985 Alice Coyote Ugly Lorraine Haney
Commercial D Guys John Ray Harris
Odds & Ends Mighty Turtles Alicia Harroff
Odds & Ends The Young and the Breathless Debbie Head
Odds & Ends The Young and the Breathless Felicia Head
Odds & Ends AmbiTrackers Terri Hedrick
3 Men – 3 Women Team GBC Hanna Heideman
Odds & Ends Not Fast Just Furious Alida Helgerman
Military/Law/Fire Team: DAFO Marcus Henderson
Odds & Ends Jalapenos Cynthia Hernandez
Odds & Ends DRG Run Inspired Jim Hernandez
Odds & Ends WTF B2B 2 Marco Hernandez
Odds & Ends Run 4 Da Beer Tonica Hernandez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire NOT Fast BUT Furious Ruth Hernandez
Women’s Open Beach PLEEEASE Delia Hernandez
Women’s Open Chiquita’s Pero Picosas Nikita Hernandez
Master’s Men The Manimals Raul Hernandez
Women’s Open The Bomb Squad Veronica Hernandez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire VFW Post 8932 Guillermo Hernandez
Odds & Ends Red White & Brew Megan Heron
Odds & Ends Coast Busters Con Ganas Catherine Herrberg
3 Men – 3 Women Team: Abel Herrero District #34 Abel Herrero
Women’s Open Undertrained & Overconfident Brooke Hickey
Odds & Ends Drunk Runningsw Greg Hicks
Odds & Ends Normal People Would Drive Kenna Hill
Women’s Open Mother Hustlers Myrna Hinojosa
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Insert witty team name here Lillyana Hinojosa
Odds & Ends Smooth Operators Rebecca Hinojosa
Odds & Ends C&J Energy Services Ron Hoff
3 Men – 3 Women Splintz n’ Crampz Joshua Hoffert
Junior Men Cedar Park Boys Travian Holst
Elementary Boys Windsor Park Team 3 Hunter Holt
Commercial Formosa: Team Robert Bas Hoppenreijs
Odds & Ends Texan Six Pack Greg Howard
Odds & Ends Rotarians Run for Service Above Self Tedra Hunt
3 Men – 3 Women Team Todd Todd Hunter
Odds & Ends PD – Operations Grant Hunter
Commercial Slayers Ramiro Ibarra
Men’s Open Runners high Hansel Ibarra
Odds & Ends Ibarracudas Jesse Ibarra
Senior Masters Men IAAP Racing Team Jose Iniguez
Senior Masters Women IAAP Speedy Stiletos Minny Iniguez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire The Running Dead Haniel Iruegas
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire The Wett’r The Bett’r Richard Jaimes
Odds & Ends 12 ANGRY GLUTES Victor Jarcki
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire FTY (Failure To Yield) Manuel D Jasso III
Commercial Chemours B Team Joel Jimenez
Elementary Odds & Ends Montclair Stallions Landan Jimenez
Odds & Ends The Winning Team Lane Johnson
3 Men – 3 Women Got The Runs Michelle Johnson
Odds & Ends Nature Boyz Ben Johnson
Commercial Celanese Clear Lake Eric Johnson
Odds & Ends Never Enough Tommy Johnson
3 Men – 3 Women Team Taylan Jacalyn Johnson-Alviza
Odds & Ends Running on carbs & Jesus Julie Jones
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire CATM 2 Frank Joseph
Odds & Ends Found on the Ground Sylvia Joslin
Odds & Ends Itty bitty run run Andrew Jupe
Commercial Weldadvice US Angelica Kaae
Odds & Ends Ajo Vaca Leslie Kane
Odds & Ends Swedish Jogging Team Ralph Keck
Odds & Ends The Rifrafts steve kelley
3 Men – 3 Women Blue Line Warriors Jason Kelsey
Women’s Open CCFMC In Memory of Captain Dean Webster Stephanie Kemp
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire CCT Sandy Bottoms Donald Kenefick
Odds & Ends Running Rotors Diana Kennan-Carter
Women’s Open Hotness Express 5 Martha Keys
Odds & Ends Scrambled Legs Jana Kieschnick
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Sqwauk Dirty To Me Patrick Kiger
Master’s Women Healthy Habits Shelby Killion
3 Men – 3 Women Cole Sucks Scott Kilpatrick
Odds & Ends RUN RGVSA Kami King
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Beauties and the Beasts Erin Kirkland
3 Men – 3 Women Wolf-Pack Running Erica Kirkwood
Women’s Open Weekend Runaways Lauran Knight
Men’s Open Top Notch Runners Chance Kolacek
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire We Run Better Than The Government Jason Krause
Women’s Open Tuff Scudder #2 Sierra Krauskopf
Junior Women Chicks with Kicks Sydney Kubas
3 Men – 3 Women Running Hawks Patricia Labay
Odds & Ends Triple Meat Triple Cheese Kenneth LaFavers
Junior Men Cedar Park Boys II Clay Lambert
3 Men – 3 Women Slow and Steady David Landa
Odds & Ends Rockstar Ninjas Norma Landin
Commercial Big Hearts Bad Ankles Lucas Lang
Odds & Ends HDR Christian Lapan-Joannessen
Odds & Ends Team: Lt. Raymond Lara Lt. Raymond Lara
Odds & Ends Gela’s Angels SANDRA LARA
3 Men – 3 Women Mean bean machine Lorenzo Lara
Men’s Open Veter Dennis Lastochkin
Odds & Ends Hamlin Runners-10 Plus Landon Laurel
Master’s Women Brownsville Trailblazers 2 Mireya Lazo
Odds & Ends pandas Benny Le Bon
Odds & Ends Five Gems and an Gentleman LJE Linda Leal-Alvarez
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women No regrets lori lebleu
Commercial Can’t Stop the BEAT Megan Lebrecht
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Coast Guard Chiefs Ian Lee
Odds & Ends Buns in the Sun STEPHEN LENZ
3 Men – 3 Women #PQS Mario Lerma
Senior Masters Women Dragon Ladies Peggy Lewis
Odds & Ends Gela’s Angels #5 HEB Norma Leza
Odds & Ends CCRV Making RV’s Affordable & Fun Allen Libbe
Odds & Ends FF – Get Ya Some Hoss Justin Lightsey
3 Men – 3 Women Got The Runs Jacob Linney
Women’s Open Buns On The Run Valerie Littleton
Master’s Men Your Pace or Mine Ruben Livas
3 Men – 3 Women Tacorriendo Christina Lomas
3 Men – 3 Women White Team 2018 Holly Long
Men’s Open Brew Crew Ricardo Lopez
Odds & Ends WE RUN THIS BEACH 6 DEEP!! Jeremy Lopez
3 Men – 3 Women We Got the Runs DENISE LOPEZ
Odds & Ends KTMV Still Running After All These Years Carlos Lopez
Master’s Women Coyote Dodgers Regina Love
Odds & Ends Team Ultra Body Fitness Allison Lozano
Odds & Ends PINCHELLEROS Josh Luder
3 Men – 3 Women Salty Sea Legs Sarah Luehring
Master’s Women Medal Snatchers Monica Lugo
Women’s Open Healthy Living R.I.O.T. Ninfa Lugo Martinez
Odds & Ends 3 MEN & SOME LADIES Audra Luis
Commercial Vic2 Roadrunners Doreen Lumbrezer
Women’s Open Runder Women YVONNE LUNA
Elementary Odds & Ends Luther Jones Team 1 Sierra Luna
3 Men – 3 Women Til The Day I Die Ernie MacDonald
Odds & Ends Audrey’s Angels Arlene Madali-Cordell
Odds & Ends AEP Texas Storm Troopers Martin Magana
Odds & Ends HDR Christine Magers
Women’s Open Sole Sisters Holly Malik
Odds & Ends the recovery crew james mallia
Men’s Open Running Sucks Marc Manuel
Men’s Open Frontside Cody Manuel
Odds & Ends Booze runners Adam Mareth
Elementary Boys Champions Boys Jonathan Marez
Odds & Ends Dudes and Boobs Courtney Maroney
Odds & Ends CSCD G-Unit Johnny Marquez
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Los Sargentos Reynaldo Marroquin
Odds & Ends The Turtle Tribe Amanda Marroquin
Odds & Ends WTF Where’s the Finish Line Dr. Ralph Martin
Odds & Ends One and Done Jodi Martin
Odds & Ends 3rd Coast Runners Jeremy Martin
Commercial We are Higginbotham Rose Martinez
3 Men – 3 Women Out of the cubicle into the fire Lucille Martinez
3 Men – 3 Women A Team Has No Name Alfredo Martinez
Master’s Women Brownsville Trailblazers Rosario Martinez
Odds & Ends Will Run for Wine Jennifer Martinez
Odds & Ends IAAP007 Stephanie Martinez
Odds & Ends Sole Mates Raquel Martinez
Elementary Odds & Ends Woodlawn Jaguars (Yellow) Aaron Martinez
Women’s Open Blister Sisters Raquel Martinez
Men’s Open Post Vets of Corpus Christi Roy Martinez
Odds & Ends Undertrained and overconfident! Marina Martinez
3 Men – 3 Women Run. Eat. Poop. Repeat. IRIS MARTINEZ
Odds & Ends The Drunks Bruce Martinez
Odds & Ends Grey Gooses Veronica Martinez
3 Men – 3 Women Boozeleggers #1 Leticia Martinez
3 Men – 3 Women MIGHTY CC4 Merssy Martinez
Odds & Ends Los Llorones Antonio Martinez
Commercial Acess Collision Monique Mason
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Phat Phucs Chris Masters
Master’s Women Chachas Bonitas Margo Mata-Garza
Odds & Ends CHAMP Alyssa Matsuzaki
Women’s Open Moms Run this Town faster Jessica Matthews
Commercial One Step Ahead Taylor Mayfield
Master’s Women Girls Just Wanna Run Julie McAllister
Odds & Ends For the Beer Farrah McCahan
Women’s Open My Legs are Sweatin Mama Missy McCall
Commercial Prestige Wonder Women Liz Mccarthy
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Untapped Potential Kim McClintic
Women’s Open Not Fast Not Furious Lacie McDonald
3 Men – 3 Women Not Fast Not Furious 2 Lili McEntire
Junior 3 Men – 3 Women Swag Money Andrew McFarland
Odds & Ends Reunion Runners Paul McGee
Senior Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women We run for fun Chris McGinty
Odds & Ends Mc6 Anita McKelvey
3 Men – 3 Women Macksters Leon McLin
Commercial Chemours Wonder Women Jackie McNeill
Odds & Ends Bobcat Pride Omar Medina
3 Men – 3 Women Cool Arrows Alex Medina
Junior Women Med High Girls 2 Kaitlyn Medina
Junior Men Tsunami Waverunners Joshua Medrano
Women’s Open Team: Alisa Mejia Alisa Mejia
Odds & Ends Happy Feet Ana Melo
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire B double E double R U N Hector Menchaca Villalon
Odds & Ends Bean and Egg Sylvia Mendez
3 Men – 3 Women Will run for beer and pizza Oscar Mendiola
Odds & Ends Runs in the Family -D Eva Mendoza
Odds & Ends Stay Thirsty Jennifer Mendoza
Senior Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Hijos de la Playa Belinda Mercado
Odds & Ends Team: Jase Merrill Jase Merrill
Odds & Ends Team: Melinda Merrill Melinda Merrill
Odds & Ends Team: John Merrill John Merrill
3 Men – 3 Women Shake ‘n’ Bake David Merta
Women’s Open YT98 Gina Meza
Commercial Coffee Waves Matthew Meza
Odds & Ends Trinity Tributes Becky Miller
Women’s Open Runner Girls 2 Karisa Miller
3 Men – 3 Women Texans Stephanie Miller
Odds & Ends The Beer Drinkes Larry Mimon
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Team Samson Ross Mireles Salinas
Odds & Ends TexaKens Douglas Mitchell
3 Men – 3 Women Houston Strong Selina Molina
Odds & Ends Shout Out Shady Adan Molina
Odds & Ends Beer Gutz and Coconutz Gina Monita
Odds & Ends Beach Baes Alberto Montalvo
Odds & Ends Team Running on a Prayer Chris Montano
Odds & Ends Los Gzz + 1/Privada Cocoyoles AARON MONTEALVO
3 Men – 3 Women Not Fast Just Furious Johnny Montemayor
Elementary Odds & Ends Windsor Park Team 2 Andres Montes
Women’s Open Runnin 4 RZE Laurne Moodie
Women’s Open Running is my drug Kim Moore
Odds & Ends Cant Stop Running Too Sarah Moore
Odds & Ends Familia Morales Frank Morales
Master’s Men L-3 Retired Chiefs Joe Morales
Elementary Odds & Ends Blue Dragons Brycen Morales
Odds & Ends Chafing the Dream Abel Morales
Odds & Ends We Run For Fun Ralph Morales
Odds & Ends Team Ba-Cardio I Judith Moreno
3 Men – 3 Women bloody tigers Vanessa Moreno
Commercial Beauty and the Bradley’s Beasts Jason Moreno
Odds & Ends Team Unity Loretta Moreno
Women’s Open Team: Heather Morin Heather Morin
Women’s Open Trail Runners Janet Moseley
Odds & Ends Run For Your Life Team 6 Ginny Moss
Odds & Ends Team Roadrunners Joe Mota
Odds & Ends Team: Contessa Becky Mota
3 Men – 3 Women The MoMo Experience Moises Mota
3 Men – 3 Women Camolicious Henry Moya
3 Men – 3 Women S.W.A.T.T – Sprinters. Walkers. And. Trash. Talkers Justin Moya
Women’s Open Decay Divas Christina Mueller
Men’s Open Crash ‘N’ Burn Michael Munoz
Women’s Open SA Cowgirls & Their PickUp Men Melissa Munsell
Odds & Ends What the???? Cecilia Murphy
Odds & Ends WTF B2B 1 Rebekah Murtagh
Women’s Open Wine Me Heather nairn
Odds & Ends Truffle shufflers Pypper Namikas
3 Men – 3 Women Running Rebels Roberto Nava
Odds & Ends Family Craze Joe Navarro
Odds & Ends THE YOUNG & THE BREATHLESS Jesse Nesmith
Commercial TEAM HEB 562 Jennifer Newton
Men’s Open The Sons of the Beaches Tom Nollen
Odds & Ends Justice League Douglas Norman
Women’s Open Running is Easier Than Teaching Anna Norris
Odds & Ends Selah Mireya Nunez
Women’s Open TNT-Tacos N Tiaras Inemesit Nwosu
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire I Thought It Was A Pub Crawl Danielle Obert
3 Men – 3 Women HEB 412 ANASTASIA OBRIEN
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Slowpokes Mario Ocana
3 Men – 3 Women Pimp my Stride SA Raymond Ochoa
Odds & Ends Flying Monkey Racing League Christine O’Day
Odds & Ends Team Z Maniacs (ORANGE) Blanca Olalde
3 Men – 3 Women Sole Mates-POR VIDA ELISA OLIVARES
Middle School Female Elite chicks Jacey Olivarez
Odds & Ends Tar Destroyers Krystal Olivier
Odds & Ends AmbiTrackers Jennifer Olvera
Odds & Ends Parents Running Away Sophia Ommani
Odds & Ends Lucio on Your Left! Katherine Orines
3 Men – 3 Women Smoothie King Corpus Christi Kaila Orines
3 Men – 3 Women Gray Team 2018 Alan Orlowski
Odds & Ends Lucinda’s Law & Order Edwina Orosco Hicks
3 Men – 3 Women Sole Survivors Veronica Ortega
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire 149th Air National Guard Domingo Ortega
Odds & Ends MDR: Brynn Brynn Osborn
3 Men – 3 Women Affiliated Therapy Group Practice Kari Owiredu
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Trauma Team Jimie Owsley
Odds & Ends Rebel Just for Kicks Raynette Oyama
Odds & Ends Valero Happy Feet Maribel Pack
Junior Men Med High 1 Jake Packett
Odds & Ends We Thought You Said Rum Heidi Painter
3 Men – 3 Women Beach to Beer Gabriela Paiz
Odds & Ends Palacios & Casso Team1 Melva Palacios
Odds & Ends Pacin’ Ourselves Randy Palmer
Odds & Ends Rum Runners Brett Pancamo
Odds & Ends Ghost Wipes TRAVIS PAYTON
Women’s Open Who RUN the WORLD? (GIRLS) Rita Paz
Commercial Beer Run Angie Pena
Women’s Open Third Party Rejects Desiree Pena
Odds & Ends All in the Family Jasmine Pena
Odds & Ends Paisano Jennifer Pena
Odds & Ends C&J Energy Services Hector Pena
Odds & Ends Carb Loaders Roxanne Perales
Odds & Ends CorePath Lab Rats Jennifer Perez
Odds & Ends The Sunrise Maulers Fernando Perez
Odds & Ends The Great Bambinos Niko Perez
Ultra Masters Men Hub City Runners Gilbert Perez
Commercial Solid knockout Juan Perez
Men’s Open SUPAh David Perez
Master’s Women Runditas Sandra Perez
Women’s Open Wonder Women Tara Perry
Commercial Sub Sonic Six Jim Peterson
Odds & Ends Jack Dup Still Myriah Phelps
Odds & Ends Sea Gulls and Buoys Tracy Pickering
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Beaches Bay Crazy! Zachary Pickett
3 Men – 3 Women Valero The Quick & The Dead Nicolas Pizana
Odds & Ends Taco Bout a Bad Idea Paula Pohler
Odds & Ends Road Rage Ingrid Postert
Odds & Ends Team Fox Craig Potts
Odds & Ends Flou-Ridas Marissa Powell
Odds & Ends H.O.T. Humble Obedient Teachable Paula Powell
Master’s Women This Leg is Mine Brigette Powers
Odds & Ends The Bean Team GRACIELA PRIDDY
Elementary Boys Windsor Park Team 1 Jerry Prieto
Women’s Open Runner Girls Shannon Pruski
3 Men – 3 Women The Mock Lobsters Christina Puentes
Odds & Ends Scream Team Angela Purcell
Women’s Open Heart & Sole Kristal Quiroga
Women’s Open Ricks Homes – Princess Pirates Rebecca Quiroz
Commercial Needing CPR Andrew Rahaman
Men’s Open FALCONS James Raimondi
Senior Masters Men Los Borrachos Viejos William Rainey
3 Men – 3 Women Dead on Arrival Adrian Ramirez
Men’s Open Slow Mo 6 G. Simon Ramirez
Odds & Ends Crossfit Infamous Beach to beer runners Raymond Ramirez
Women’s Open Femfusion6 Velma Ramirez
Commercial HEB Drug Runners Mark Ramos
Odds & Ends DRG 3s Diana Carolina Ramos
Odds & Ends Uno Maz Sandra Ramos
Odds & Ends Cant Stop Running Cyndi Ramos
3 Men – 3 Women Valero AFR Family Pacers Randy Rangel
Odds & Ends Valero Team Despacitos Abel Rangel
Odds & Ends Spring Breakers Cameron Raska
Odds & Ends Gulf Coast Humane Society 1 Sharon Ray
Ultra Men The Real Six Runners Jesse Real
Odds & Ends Keep Calm and Pass the Baton Kim Reed
Odds & Ends Runnin’ Ratz Lori Reed
Women’s Open RN ners Michelle Reese
Odds & Ends Cirque De Sore Legs Brittani Reimer
3 Men – 3 Women Sun of a Beach Joshua Rendon
Commercial Hisco2 Diego Reyes
3 Men – 3 Women One Step At A Time Laura Reyes
Odds & Ends Team Z Maniacs (PINK) Clara Reyes
Odds & Ends Beaches n’ Baes Ot Reyna
Women’s Open Metro E Women Elaine Reyna
3 Men – 3 Women Long Gone John Reynado
Odds & Ends Cerveza Seekers Wesley Rhea
Master’s Women Tuff Scudder #1 Dara Richardson
Middle School Odds & Ends VW’s Peach and Love Haas Running Club Jasmine Richardson
Odds & Ends too hot to trot bobby rieder
Odds & Ends Scarlet Overkill and Her Minions Roy Riojas
Middle School Female We run better than the Government 2018 Rose Rios
Odds & Ends Jack Dup Cat Ritualo
3 Men – 3 Women Band on the run Rachel Rivas
Commercial The PHAT Burners Crystal Rivas
Odds & Ends Beto for Texas! Carolina Rivera
Odds & Ends Team: Ricky Rivera Ricky Rivera
Odds & Ends Salty Sea Dogs Kate Roberson
Women’s Open Life Martial Arts Alena Roberts
Men’s Open Las Tortugas de Pegasus Lawrence Roberts
Odds & Ends The B Team Gordon Robinson
Odds & Ends Chapman Ranch Wind Jerry Robinson
Commercial Rockstars Loren Rock
Odds & Ends 6 Pack Ponies Elva Roddy
Odds & Ends MDR: Smells Like Team Spirit Allison Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Just Ate Tacos Kandice Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Team Ba-Cardio II Rick Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Slow Cheetahs Sharra Rodriguez
Women’s Open Beach Hair Don’t Care Denise Rodriguez
Odds & Ends The Rod Squad Marialinda Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Bankers Life Rhinos Albert Rodriguez
Odds & Ends 5J Runs For Beer Will Rodriguez
Women’s Open Fab 6 margie rodriguez
Master’s Men Beer Runners Roland Rodriguez
Women’s Open Run Like the Winded Heather Rodriguez
3 Men – 3 Women Rise Runners Stephanie Rodriguez
Women’s Open Sole Mates Ronica Rodriguez
Men’s Open FHR Piperliners David Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Bay’s One Hit Runners Alma Rodriguez
Odds & Ends Rapid Response Lorenzo Rojas
Commercial Hisco1 Daniel Romo
Commercial Team AGCM Ryan Rosborough
3 Men – 3 Women Buns on the Run Brandon Rowe
Odds & Ends We thought they said RUM! Deandra Ruelas
Odds & Ends SA Ghosts Gilbert RUIZ
Commercial FEAR-Forget Everything and Run Denise Sabala
3 Men – 3 Women I Thought This Was A 5K Becky Sada
Women’s Open The Legends Denise Saddler
Odds & Ends Juice on the loose Verne Sadler
Elementary Odds & Ends Hicks Elementary (Odds & Ends) Emily Saenz
3 Men – 3 Women Running For Joy Joy Saenz
Odds & Ends Vera Plumbing of SA Mario Salas
Odds & Ends Los Poteeters Eugene Salazar
Odds & Ends Run Flats Erin Salazar
Elementary Odds & Ends Hicks Elementary (Odds & Ends) Isaiah Salazar
Odds & Ends D4G Joe Salinas
Odds & Ends Levi’s Team Belinda Salinas
Women’s Open The Runaway Moms Jennifer Salinas
Odds & Ends Rod Runners 2.0 Jennifer Samer
3 Men – 3 Women Cirque Du Sore Legs Allison Sanchez
Odds & Ends Run Strong Melina Sanchez
Junior Women Med High Girls 1 Paula Sanchez
Commercial CC18 No Store Runs More Tomas Sanchez
Women’s Open Living on Cloud Wine Katie Sanco
Elementary Odds & Ends Luther Jones Team 2 Wynn Sanders
Odds & Ends Tying Loose Ends Jessica Sandoval
Men’s Open Team O.N.S. Rogelio Santiago
Odds & Ends The Young & the Breathless Brenda Santos
3 Men – 3 Women Do or Dye Jose Santos
3 Men – 3 Women Hazen and Sawyer Marc Santos
Odds & Ends Just Here for the Beer Haley Satterwhite
Men’s Open My Other Brother Daryl Paul Schaefer
Odds & Ends Hot Shot Hornets Allison Schaum
Women’s Open Buns on the Run amber schimmel
Odds & Ends Valero: Why Is Everyone Chasing Me? Darcy Schroeder
Women’s Open Sparkling Sisters Gina Schuler
Women’s Open Vicky’s Club MARGARET SCHUPBACH
Commercial PACE Setters Dale Scope
Junior Women Running On Empty lora seehusen
Odds & Ends The Laredo Outlaw Runinng Team Hernandez Selina
Women’s Open B Row Juli Selzer
Odds & Ends Defender Nation! Robert Shaw
Men’s Open Team: Paul Sheffer Paul Sheffer
Odds & Ends 3GENXYB Tammie Shelton
Master’s Women Run For Your Life Team 1 Laura Shelton
Middle School Odds & Ends Run For Your Life Team 5 Jonah Shelton
Odds & Ends Team WTF: Where’s The Finish? Jamie Shomette
Odds & Ends Run Like the Winded Heather Shores-Price
Senior Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women TBD Lisa Short
Women’s Open Gela’s Angels Rita Shular
Odds & Ends Team Name Monica Sianez
3 Men – 3 Women Fear No Beer Christopher Silva
3 Men – 3 Women The Palpitations Greg Silverman MD
Odds & Ends Beauties & The Beasts Lisa Sinn
Ultra Senior Men Snakebuster Ultra Silver Surfers Phil Sladek
Women’s Open Girls on the Run Jennifer Sleight
Women’s Open Barn Babes Amanda Slivinski
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Astros Buddies Stephen Smejkal
Senior Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Smiley 6-pak 1 Lynn Smiley
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Smiley 6-Pak 2 Michael Smiley
Odds & Ends M C Survivors VIII Victoria Smith
Women’s Open Beach Barbies Crystal Smith
Men’s Open Here for the Beer Shane Smith
Junior Women United Kendall Smith
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Rescue swimmers Graham Smith
3 Men – 3 Women Slow Pokes (SA) Andrew Smith
3 Men – 3 Women Paul Snyder
Odds & Ends Ultra Flyers Justin Solis
3 Men – 3 Women Valero Sprains & Strains Carlos Soliz
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Hurtin for Certain Edward Sosa
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire RTFU Javier Sosa
Commercial Catch us if you can Jazmin Sotelo
3 Men – 3 Women Run For Your Life Team 4 Elaine Soto
3 Men – 3 Women When Sparkes Fly Kathy Sparkes
Odds & Ends Tease Salon Gabby Spaw
Odds & Ends Lowe’s Delivery Jared Sphon
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Post Fontaine Nicole Spoon
3 Men – 3 Women TEAM DAVIS Whitney Stacy
Women’s Open 505 All In Heather Stahl
3 Men – 3 Women Valero Thrivers Charles Staley
3 Men – 3 Women Crazy Relay Idea Pam Stenger
3 Men – 3 Women Oh Uber Where Art Thou? Shellie Stone
Odds & Ends Beach to Babies Chris Storbeck
3 Men – 3 Women Scorpio Soldiers Ann Storey
Men’s Open RC5 Studs Tony Story
Odds & Ends MDR: Team 1 Anna Strickland
Odds & Ends Valero Shining Stars Trisy Strople
Women’s Open Rock of Angels Crissie Suarez
Men’s Open Not Fast Just Furious Jesus Suarez
Men’s Open Not Fast Just Furious Jesus Suarez
Odds & Ends Coastal Coasters Laura Suarez
Commercial Molar Milers Jackie Sulieman
3 Men – 3 Women Crash Cart Dummies Candice Sullivan
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Blue Bacanators Richard Summerville
Odds & Ends Beaches & Bros Chad Swierc
3 Men – 3 Women Good Enough Jacklynn Sykora
Master’s Women IAAP Speedy Stiletos Masters Women Yvette Tagle
Odds & Ends RWB SA Eagles Dora Tallman
Commercial Smooth Snalin’ leslie Tapia
3 Men – 3 Women dysfunctional David Tapscott
Odds & Ends Team Las Palmas Jose Tavares
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women YoMommaSoFat Aaron Teeler
Odds & Ends CC Frat 6-pack Matthew Teeter
Odds & Ends IYAOYAS! Gabriel Thompson
Odds & Ends Bluff Ratz B2B4Andre Terri Thompson
3 Men – 3 Women Texas Diesel John Thomsen
Junior Women Beech to Babes Tori Tilson
Master’s Women B2B Baybes Jennifer Todd
Odds & Ends Los Towers Jesus Torres
3 Men – 3 Women The Brew Crew Tomas Torres
Women’s Open Moms Run this Town Stronger CHRISTINA TORRES
Odds & Ends Kane Beef Irma Torres
Odds & Ends Team Chosen Yvonne Torres
Odds & Ends The Fun Suckers Arturo Torres
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Donut chasers BERNARDO TORRES
Odds & Ends Counselors on the Run Olympia Torres
3 Men – 3 Women Team: Maria Torrescano Maria Torrescano
Junor Men Med Hgih 2 Eugent Tran
Odds & Ends Racing Snails Norma Trevino
Odds & Ends Team Z Maniacs (RED) Valerie Trevino
Odds & Ends Danny’s Income Tax Service Stacy Trevino
Odds & Ends TNT Reynaldo Trevino
3 Men – 3 Women Greene’s Team John Trevino
3 Men – 3 Women Hot Beaches Nina Trigger
Senior Masters Men Trotter’s Trotters Paul Trotter
Odds & Ends Jalapeno Hotties Susanne Trotter
Odds & Ends Phoenix Rising Toni Trouart
Odds & Ends muy bueno norma trujillo
Odds & Ends The New Thump Thump Jiggle Todd Truss
Commercial Sun Coast Fuel Runners Susan Tyler
Odds & Ends Caqueria Jalisco Unknown Unknown
Senior Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Ultimate Tachyons Herman Vacca
Odds & Ends The Fats and the Furious Jose Valdez
3 Men – 3 Women Worst Pace Scenario Vanessa Valdez
Men’s Open 5 Mexicans and a Gringo Thomas Valenzuela
3 Men – 3 Women All in the Family Jesus Vallejo
3 Men – 3 Women Nodes of Ranvier Ruth Valverde
Senior Masters Men Penetrators (40 years of the same name 1978) Dave Varga
Women’s Open Run San Marvelous Susie Vargas
Odds & Ends Call us a Cabi Edny Vargas
Commercial Fe-mous Metalist Joey Vasquez
Odds & Ends Power Rangers Brittany Vasquez
3 Men – 3 Women Scrambled Legs W. Jose Vazquez
Odds & Ends Drinkers with a Running Problem Anthony Vela
Women’s Open WTF Sarah Vela
3 Men – 3 Women Team: Nency Vela Nency Vela
Women’s Open Runs In The Family Rachel Velasquez
Men’s Open Valero Lab Rats Jorge Velasquez
3 Men – 3 Women Twelve Legs Angela Velasquez
Odds & Ends EMC chanchos honorio velasquez
3 Men – 3 Women Sweat Regret and Oxygen Debt Samuel Velez
Odds & Ends For The Heros Sara Rose Vera
Odds & Ends Team: Villa Margarita Villa
Women’s Open Beauty and Brains JoAnn Villalon
3 Men – 3 Women West Texas Tumbleweeds Billy Villarreal
Women’s Open Atown Sole Sisters Jessica Villarreal
Odds & Ends Team Villarreal David W. Villarreal
Odds & Ends Mixed Nuts Dr. Elias Villarreal
Women’s Open VW & CREW Annie Villarreal
Master’s Men Running Ws Arnie Villarreal
3 Men – 3 Women Valero Stunner Runners Faren Von Duben
Odds & Ends Medal Snatchers Too Cassie Walck-Davis
Odds & Ends Just Make It Bruce Wallace
3 Men – 3 Women Because Uber Was Busy… Sarah Wallace
Senior Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women The Classics Alan Ward
Odds & Ends The Wild Fliers Laura Warner
Odds & Ends Snailed It Lisa Waters
Odds & Ends Team De La Paz Cancer Fighters Ostine Watts
Elementary Odds & Ends Starfish Sprinters Jaxon Weber
Odds & Ends Make It Happen Miles Allison Webster
3 Men – 3 Women Alamo City Codgers Royce Wells
Women’s Open Running on Anyssa’s Wings Marcy Wells
Odds & Ends Twisted Legs and Balding Heads Debi West
Women’s Open NB 6 Sarah Weston
Elementary Odds & Ends Barnes Stars Mix Team 1 Freddie Wheeler
Odds & Ends Wig Family Jeff Wigington
Military/Law Enforcement/Fire McKinney’s New A-team Lawrence Wilcox
Odds & Ends Made4Graytness Fr. Brady Williams
Commercial Team Bright Smile Benjamin Williamson
Odds & Ends 5 gals and a guy Bella Williford
Ultra Men Los Seis Viejitos Woody Wilson
Odds & Ends In Memory of Andre Jay Wimberly
Women’s Open Sole Sisters Vicky Winans
Senior Masters Men Valero Da Le Gas Joseph Wincelowicz
Odds & Ends Windhorst Ken Windhorst
Odds & Ends The Rain Drops Lorraine Wolfe
Odds & Ends Team Queen Elizabeth II Dawn Woodin
Odds & Ends GRatheletics James Woods
Odds & Ends We Run For Fun Siddharth Yaday
Odds & Ends Wingin’ it Heather Ybarbo
Odds & Ends Tight Butts & Sweaty Nuts Robert Ybarra
Women’s Open Drinking Team with a Running Problem Angi Yeakley Moller
Odds & Ends Cirque du strong legs Teresa Yevenes
Odds & Ends Team: Vandelay Jason Young
Odds & Ends Fearless Fatiama Zamarron
Commercial AGCMers Mari Zapata
Odds & Ends Team Z Maniacs (GREEN) Stephanie Zaragosa
Elementary Girls Webb Speedies Jada Zepeda
Odds & Ends Sexy Mutha Runners Laura Zunker
Men’s Open Hell or Hungover Daniel Zurovec