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Odds & Ends Not As Fast As Jeff Gordon Della Adame
Odds & Ends Oh ‘ Van where art thou Jason Ascencio
Odds & Ends The Young and Breathless Raelynn Beaty
3 Men – 3 Women We Run for Tennis Todd Bellino
3 Men – 3 Women Shiner Stuff Amy Bishop
Odds & Ends Rebel Time Karol Blake
Odds & Ends Shiner Blondes Julie Boehm
Commercial McCarthy Beachwarmers Sarah Brown
Odds & Ends You Only Run Once Dinald Butler
3 Men – 3 Women Red Team 2018 Patrick Byers
Odds & Ends Dream Chafers Ernestine Cano
Master’s Men Rat Pak Ramiro Castillo
Odds & Ends Morehead, Dotts and Rybak Lauren Clayton
Odds & Ends Los Cocineros Steve Cook
Women’s Open RNers Violet Copado
Odds & Ends Not Fast Just Furious Rikki Dautel
Senior Masters Women Bitch to Bay Complaining all the way Carol DeLine
Women’s Open CCFMC Walkers Brandi Dienda
3 Men – 3 Women Salty Slackers Yvette Dodge
Odds & Ends Team Not Today Satan Shaun Driscoll
Men’s Open litewieghts eddie elizondo
Odds & Ends clam jam 2018 Ben Engelhardt
Odds & Ends my mouth runs faster than I do Darcy Esparza
Odds & Ends The Not So Fast and Furious Brenda Figueroa
Commercial Mi Casa Jaime Flores
Odds & Ends Faith Warriors Prisilla Fullen
Odds & Ends Herd of Turtles Benjamin Gonzalez
Women’s Open Beach Bum Babes Lisa Gonzalez
Odds & Ends Team Express Benjamin Guerrero
Odds & Ends Vamonos Hermanos Stafford Gunning
3 Men – 3 Women Team: Abel Herrero District #34 Abel Herrero
Women’s Open Undertrained & Overconfident Brooke Hickey
Odds & Ends Texan Six Pack Greg Howard
3 Men – 3 Women Team Todd Todd Hunter
Odds & Ends The Winning Team Lane Johnson
3 Men – 3 Women Got The Runs Michelle Johnson
Odds & Ends Itty bitty run run Andrew Jupe
Odds & Ends Ajo Vaca Leslie Kane
Odds & Ends Swedish Jogging Team Ralph Keck
Women’s Open CCFMC In Memory or Dean Webster Stephanie Kemp
Odds & Ends Running Rotors Diana Kennan-Carter
Master’s Women Healthy Habits Shelby Killion
Women’s Open Tuff Scudder #2 Sierra Krauskopf
3 Men – 3 Women Running Hawks Patricia Labay
3 Men – 3 Women Slow and Steady David Landa
Odds & Ends Team: Lt. Raymond Lara Lt. Raymond Lara
Odds & Ends Hamlin Runners-10 Plus Landon Laurel
Commercial Can’t Stop the BEAT Megan Lebrecht
3 Men – 3 Women White Team 2018 Holly Long
3 Men – 3 Women Salty Sea Legs Sarah Luehring
3 Men – 3 Women Til The Day I Die Ernie MacDonald
Odds & Ends Audrey’s Angels Arlene Madali-Cordell
Odds & Ends WTF Where’s the Finish Line Dr. Ralph Martin
Master’s Women Chachas Bonitas Margo Mata-Garza
Master’s Women Girls Just Wanna Run Julie McAllister
3 Men – 3 Women Not Fast Not Furious 2 Lili McEntire
Senior Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women We run for fun Chris McGinty
Odds & Ends Beer Gutz and Coconutz Gina Monita
Odds & Ends Team Running on a Prayer Chris Montano
3 Men – 3 Women Not Fast Just Furious Johnny Montemayor
Odds & Ends Familia Morales Frank Morales
Odds & Ends Lucio on Your Left! Katherine Orines
Odds & Ends Lucinda’s Law & Order Edwina Orosco Hicks
Odds & Ends Rum Runners Brett Pancamo
Odds & Ends CorePath Lab Rats Jennifer Perez
Women’s Open Wonder Women Tara Perry
Master’s Women This Leg is Mine Brigette Powers
Ultra Men The Real Six Runners Jesse Real
Odds & Ends Keep Calm and Pass the Baton Kim Reed
Master’s Women Tuff Scudder #1 Dara Richardson
Odds & Ends Just Ate Tacos Kandice Rodriguez
Women’s Open The Legends Denise Saddler
Odds & Ends Los Poteeters Eugene Salazar
Odds & Ends D4G Joe Salinas
Men’s Open Team O.N.S. Rogelio Santiago
Women’s Open B Row Juli Selzer
Odds & Ends 3GENXYB Tammie Shelton
Senior Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women TBD Lisa Short
Senior Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Smiley 6-pak 1 Lynn Smiley
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Smiley 6-Pak 2 Michael Smiley
Odds & Ends M C Survivors VIII Victoria Smith
Women’s Open Beach Barbies Crystal Smith
Men’s Open Here for the Beer Shane Smith
Odds & Ends Lowe’s Delivery Jared Sphon
Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Post Fontaine Nicole Spoon
3 Men – 3 Women Oh Uber Where Art Thou? Shellie Stone
3 Men – 3 Women Scorpio Soldiers Ann Storey
Women’s Open Rock of Angels Crissie Suarez
Odds & Ends Team: Chuck Trexler Chuck Trexler
Commercial Sun Coast Fuel Runners Susan Tyler
Senior Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women Ultimate Tachyons Herman Vacca
3 Men – 3 Women Scrambled Legs W. Jose Vazquez
Odds & Ends Team: Villa Margarita Villa
Senior Masters – 3 Men – 3 Women The Classics Alan Ward
Odds & Ends Team De La Paz Cancer Fighters Ostine Watts
3 Men – 3 Women Alamo City Codgers Royce Wells
Odds & Ends In Memory of Andre Jay Wimberly
Odds & Ends Windhorst Ken Windhorst
Men’s Open Hell or Hungover Daniel Zurovec